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I am making a salad for a guest with items from the salad bar in front of them. Note: we do not have any seafood ingredients.

Guest: (pointing at the green onions) “I want some of those scallops, too.”
Me: (not wanting to embarrass the guest by correcting her, and since I know what she meant to say, I put green onions in her salad): “Ok, so you would like some scallops-”
Guest: “Oh my gosh, did YOU just say “scallops”? Hahaha, you mean the little round things? Scallops!”
Me: “Haha, yeah.”
Guest: “Do you mean scallions? Hahaha”
Me: “It’s been a long day…”

She received much amusement from my “mistake” for the remainder of her visit.

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