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(16m I’m walking in a mall when I notice something going on in front of a Victoria’s Secret, I see a man with a business suit and a security guard who are yelling at a women who’s breastfeeding her newborn)

Mall Owner: Ma’am we don’t tolerate women brazenly displaying their breasts.

Mother: Can this wait? You’re scaring my baby.

Mall Owner: No, either stop or I’ll call the cops for public indecency!!

(Note: the Victoria’s Secret store has a picture of a model showing off in a bra)

Me: Excuse me sir.

Mall Owner: What the f**k do you want!

Me: *points to picture

Mall Owner: Oh, ( proceeds to walk away with security guard in trail)

(I get a standing ovation from the crowd and the mother wants to give me $20 which I refuse and walk away happy)

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