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Just came across this website so this story is kinda late. Anyhow over the summer I worked at a local amusement park. It’s very small, barely a mile wide or long but it has a nice family feel to it. I was working at a single person stand that sold only snack foods and popsicles but there are other stands very close to where I am as well.

Customer: “Hello can I have an ice cream cone please?”

(I get this quite often because people don’t read the menu they just see the freezer and the images of the popsicles)

Me: “I’m sorry sir this stand doesn’t sell ice cream. However the stand right next to me (I literally could do a cart wheel and land next to it) sells soft ice cream. If you look to your left there is a stand with a giant ice cream cone indicating they have regular ice cream there.”

Customer: (insert hints of sarcasm and disdain) “How convenient.” *shakes his head and walks to the other stand)

Me: *Stands there and tries to think of any excuse for why this might be inconvenient but can’t come up with one except that we don’t provide customers with a throne and four burly men to carry them around. Complimentary of course.

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