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(I work at a semi-popular fast food restaurant that serves a type of soft serve in a cup. We have two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and 4 different sizes.)
Customer: Can I have a number 1 combo?
Me: Anything else for you tonight?
Customer: Yeah, can I have a [soft serve] please?
Me: Okay. Chocolate or vanilla?
Customer: Chocolate.
Me: Okay, what size?
Customer: Chocolate.
Me: Okay sir, but what size, small medium, or large?
Customer: Chocolate!
Me: So, that’s a small chocolate [soft serve]?
Customer: Chocolate! What don’t you understand? I want a chocolate [soft serve]!
Me: I’m trying to get that for you, but I need to know what size.
Customer: Oh, small. How didn’t you know that I wanted a small?
(I just make him the soft serve and give him his food. My manager comes up to me after he leaves.)
Manager: What just happened?
Me: I honestly had no clue people don’t understand sizes and also expect me to telepathically know what size they want.
Manager: Oh. I’m so sorry.