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, | Unfiltered | September 28, 2018

Customer: this young man short changed me and you owe me $100.

Me: I’m sorry you bought $19.95 worth and paid with $100 and recieved $80.05 back is that right?

Customer: No I paid with a $200 note.

Me:  I’m sorry they don’t make $200 notes.

Customer: Yes they do see.
(produces $100 note as evidence)

Me: No that is $100 see there where it says $100.

Other customer waiting: She is right there is  no such thing as a $200 note.

Customer bursts int tears

Customer: I’ve been ripped off the guy who bought my car said he paid me in $200 bills. It is not my fault please you owe me $100.

I forwarded her onto the police so she can report us for stealing her money.