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(The doctor for whom I work has asked me to call an elderly patient to schedule her yearly physical exam. This patient comes in at least once a month mostly just for reassurance that she’s healthy.)

Pt: “Hello?”
Me: “Hi, this is Amy at Dr [Name]’s office, is this [Patient]?”
Pt: “Who’s this?”
Me: “Amy at Dr [Name]’s.”
Pt: “Doctor who?”
Me: “Dr. [Name].”
Pt: “Who?”
Me: *louder* “Dr. [Name]!”
Pt: “Who?”
Me: *nearly shouting* “DR. [NAME]!”
Pt: “I don’t know…” (I can hear the patient speaking with someone else, then a new voice says, “Hello?”)
Me: “Hi, this is Amy at Dr [Name]’s office, I’m calling for [Patient]?”
New voice, to the patient: “Dr. [Name]’s office?”
Patient, in background: “Doesn’t ring a bell…” (The line abruptly hangs up. I call back.)
Pt: “Who is this?”
Me: “It’s Dr. [Name]’s office! Your doctor!”
Pt: “You’re not my regular doctor…”
Me: “Yes, we are!” (I suddenly recall this patient calls the doctor by her first name, so I try again) “This is Dr. [First name]’s office. We are your regular doctor.”
Pt: “Ohhh! Dr. [First name]! Okay. Can I call you back?”

(She never called back.)

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