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The store I used to work at is closing. They have big ‘STORE CLOSING **% off’ signs hung up throughout the store that detail what is and isn’t included in the discount. Anything grocery, frozen or healthy and beauty is part of the sale (which on this day was 50% off, while any dairy, meat and seafood isn’t included.

I’m standing at the front of the store, behind the registers, talking to a former co-worker, when a customer calls her over to a register.

*Customer* – Excuse me, this isn’t ringing up 50% off!

She holds up a bag of frozen shrimp, which isn’t included. The worker tells her this, and she flips out, claiming she ‘everything should be on sale’ and ‘no wonder you people are all losing your jobs’.

She checks out and I decide to leave. On my way to my car, she stops me, either recognizing me from when I worked there for nearly 11 years, or just assuming I worked there, since I was talking to an employee.

*Customer* – I’m glad you’re all losing your jobs. You people are incompetent. That sign says 50% off EVERYTHING, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t give it to me.

*Me* – Okay, first of all, not everyone is losing their jobs. Some are, but others are being relocated to other stores. Second, it’s not her fault YOU can’t read a sign that’s literally 10 feet tall. Third, I left this place four months ago, which is why I can say f*** you, b****!’

She was speechless as I got into my car and left. It was the only time I ever cursed out a customer there, even though she wasn’t my customer anymore!

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