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(I work for a well-known fast-food chain. Due to the general law, smoking is prohibited in our restaurant.)
At one day, i caught a customer lighting a cigarette inside the building.

Me: “Excuse me Sir, would you please extinguish your cigarette?”
Customer: “Why? I can smoke if i want! Whats the problem?”
Me: “Due to genreal law, it’s prohibited to smoke in restaurants.”
Customer: *pulls out his wallet and hands me a fifty euro bill* “Take this and you saw nothing.”
Me: “Sir, are you asking me to ignore federal law?”
Customer: *puts the bill back in the wallet* “If you don’t want…just maked an offer.”
Me: (getting a bit angry) “Sir you’re offer was illegal. Just as illegal as it is to smoke within restaurants. Please extinguish your cigarette NOW!”

Other customers are turning their face toward us.
The customer walks over to me, leans forward on the register desk, holding the cigarette directly infront of my face. I have to take a step backward not to get burned.

Customer: (with an angry voice)”You don’t have to say anything. You’re not the cops. Bearish pack.”

With this words, he flipped his cigarette directly in our fryer and stomps out. The hot fat catches fire immediatly, so we have to evacuate the building and call the fire department. They arrive quickly, so high damage to property could be avoided. (Thanks to the firefighters at this point for arriving so quickly and doing their job so well.) We made a report about this man, and afew days later, for Gods sake, he was catched.
(He haid to pay the complete damage he caused and went to jail for one year due to endangering people and wilful damage.)

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