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[I’m a crew member at Chipotle, and I’m making the salsas in an opening shift. It’s about 7:30 am, and a guy knocks on our side door. Thinking he was here for a crew interview or something, I take off my gloves and apron and open the door.]

Me: Can I help you?
Guy: Hey yo, can you make me a burrito bowl?
Me: [dumbfounded]…..We aren’t open until 11 am, you’ll have to come back later.
Guy: Well yeah I know but could you make me one?
Me: We don’t have any food made yet. Because we aren’t open till 11.
Guy: C’mon just make me one, I’ll pay extra [starts pulling crumpled dollar bills out of his pocket]
Me: You don’t even have like some chicken or anything? Come on, can you hook me up?

[This exchange went on for about another minute, until he finally conceded.]

Guy: Alright, okay. Thanks for opening the door. [walks away]

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