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I’m the idiot customer in this story. To my defense, I’m home sick when answering a phone call to reset a lost password for international online banking at <my bank>:
Me: *enters <mutual funds URL>* “Nope, the password is denied even when I turn off all my browser add-ons! Do you think it’s my overseas IP address?”
[I am escalated to a level 2 support tech. A laptop reboot later:]
Tech: “Ma’am, I am watching the login, and I don’t see any denial or wrong password message. Let’s go over the account again.”
[Several fruitless attempts with <mutual funds URL> later:]
Me: “Ah… say… am I logging in at the right place? Is <mutual funds URL> even right?”
Tech: *pause*¬† “Ah… it should be <my bank URL>.”
*sound of hand hitting my forehead*
Me: “Argh! I’m an idiot! I’m trying to log into <mutual funds URL> all the time! My issue there is a totally different one!”
Tech: *polite chuckle* “Let’s try again. Be sure to reset your temp password right away.”
[She walks me through the entire process of login, password change, getting tax documents etc.]
Me: “Have you ever heard of¬†notalwaysright.com? I think I belong there now.”
[Tech erupts into brief giggling.]
Tech: “It happens to the best, Ma’am! I’m glad it works now!”
[We wrap things up, I thank her, and start printing my urgently needed documents, slightly ashamed of my stupidity.]