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(I work as a cashier in a national chain of fried chicken fast food restaurant. A man probably about 30 or so comes in and orders a small meal. He isn’t obese by does have a small belly. As he sits and takes his first bite a women who has been there with her friends approaches him. I can hear the exchange from the counter.)

Woman: Are you really going to eat that?
Man: What?
Woman: (Slaps the chicken from his hand.)
Man: Hey, I….
Woman: (Flips over the rest of his food onto the floor)

(At this point I thought there was going to be a confrontation, so I turn to go get my manager when I hear the man start sobbing. I turn to see the woman giver a triumphant smile while the man cries into his arms on the table. She leaves shortly thereafter with her friends telling her what a good person she is. I approach the man.)

Me: Sir, I am so so sorry for how that lady treated you.
Man: (Slows down crying) It’s alright, it’s not your fault.

(He proceeds to tell me that his wife is in the hospital next door and he’s been with her for the last three days. That this is the first thing he has attempted to eat since she was admitted, and that he has two young children staying with relatives. He then proceeds to pick up all of the chicken on the floor and throw it out, saying thank you to me for listening.)
(Sir, if you are reading this, please know from the bottom of heart that that lady is not the best of humanity. I am trying sorry for what you had to go though and I hope your wife has made a full recovery.)

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