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(this is my old job at a fast food restaurant and occasionally I come in to say hi and visit my old co workers, me and my boyfriend, who still works there, order lunch and wait since there is a rush in the drive Thur, a customer orders after us, something smaller and we get our order before him, our order is way bigger but his items are cooking this i know because of the rush)
Customer: why do they get their order first?
Manager:(rushing to give everyone their order) We are still waiting on your items give us 2 more minutes
Customer: is not fair they have more items! I should have gotten my things first!
Me: (i’m fuming with anger because I know they are not doing it on purpose)Sir you need to wait she already told you to wait.
Customer: No body is talking to you!
Me:(He doesn’t know that i used to work here, i’m getting more angry because hes harassing my co workers so i took it personal) You need to wait and calm down the drive Thur is full and your order is coming out you could wait and you do need to be yelling!
Customer: Who the F*** are you to tell me what to say?!
Me:You need to calm you F***** A**! Its just f**** food! And don’t talk to them like that!
Customer: F**** You!
(Everyone around us is looking at me and my old manager is telling me to cut it out)
Manager:(whispers under her breath) thank you.
Me:You know you live in a nice area but your are like everyone has no patience and no education!
Customer: Shut the F**** up!
(My boyfriend steps in and pushes me to the dinning area to go sit a few moments later he passes by and is about to leave…)
Me:Did that take long?! Get the F***out of here!!!
Customer: (gives me the finger and leaves)
I felt like i had let go of so much anger that had built up for all those rude customers that day

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