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I work in a kitchen and bath showroom. A man was purchasing a toilet from me.

Customer: “How long til it gets here if I order it?”

Me: “These toilets we carry in stock. They are the low-flow tanks that-”

Customer: “Low flow? No thanks. I am not a hippie.”

Me: “Oh, well, than it would take about a week to arrive. There will be a freight charge from the manufacturer on that order.”

Customer: “Why are you charging me freight?”

Me: “We don’t. The maker of the toilet does.”

Customer: “Then why don’t you pay the freight?”

Me: “Because the freight is for your order, sir. Just like when you get something sent to you from Amazon or-”

Customer: “I don’t want to pay freight.”

Me: “Well, then, we have the low flows in stock. They save water and work just as well. I have these exact ones in my house.”

Customer: “No. I already told you no.”

Me: “Well, the one you want needs to be ordered, sir. There is no way around it, I am afraid, unless you want to put in on a shipment truck. That would take over a month.”

Customer: “But that is freight-free?”

Me: “Yes, sir, but it will take 6 weeks.”

Customer: “That is fine. Do it.”

Me: ‘Are you sure? That is over a month of wait time.”

Customer: “I am sure. Do it.”

-I order what he wants with the main shipment we get each month and a half-

One week later:

Customer (on the phone): “Where is my order?”

Me: “Sir, it’s only been a week. On your receipt, you can see the receiving date is still about 5 weeks out.”

Customer: “What do you mean?”

Me: “….we agreed to put the order on the main truck so you wouldn’t have to pay freight charges.”

Customer: “Oh” *hangs up the phone.

-Two weeks later-

Customer: “This is ridiculous. It’s been over a month.”

Me: “Sir, it’s been two weeks since the order was put into my system. You still have four weeks out from the date on your receipt.”

Customer: “I want it now!”

Me: “Well, I still have the other toilets in stock, but I understand that you do not wish to have the water-saving ones. However, this is a shipment truck from the manufacturer. I have no control over it.”

Customer: “This is your fault!”  *hangs up the phone*

Four weeks later:

Customer: “Where is my order?”

Me: “Sir, it’s still 2 weeks out.”

Customer: “I don’t understand why this is taking so long.”

Me: “Sir, you agreed to put it on the main truck to avoid a freight charge.”

Customer: “Order me a new one!”

Me: “I will have to charge you freight, sir.”

Customer: “No, you should pay for it!”

Me: “Sir, I cannot do that.”

Customer: “But you owe it to me for making me wait!”

Me: “Sir, this is fully explained on your receipt, with your signature on my copy, and it was explained at the time. It is two weeks out at this time.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager!”

My manager told him the exact thing.

He cancelled his order after all of that. I am still confused.