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(It’s lunchtime and my shift is in full swing. I’m working on check-outs and there are only a few of us serving so the queue is quite long. The customer I’m serving is about to start packing their shopping.)

Customer: “Excuse me, all of your bags have holes in them”
Me: “I’m sorry, but they’re supposed to be that way, it’s health and safety to prevent suffocation.”
Customer: “But how am I meant to pack my shopping when there are holes in the bag, give me some more!”
Me: *handing her more bags which obviously have air holes* “Here”
Customer: “These have holes in! I told you I can’t pack my shopping with holes in the bags! Cut your nails, you’re slowing everyone up”
Me: “Sorry but my nails aren’t even long and I can assure you the holes in the bags are air holes”
Customer: “Keep the d**n food, I’m going to shop somewhere else where they don’t have holes in their bags”

*Luckily I never saw her again*

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