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(I’m working part-time at a grocery store and it’s during the holiday season. I’m in charge of a sample kiosk giving out samples of eggnog that we carry. All is going well until…)

Customer: *eying the cups I am putting the eggnog in* Do you re-use those cups when people are finished with them?

Me: No ma’am. I use clean, unused ones every time. See, I have a whole bag of the cups right here. Would you care to try the eggnog?

Customer: No! You’re giving it out in soiled cups! I will not have someone else’s germs come in to my body!

(She storms away and I think that’s the end of it until the next customer comes and takes a sample)

Customer: Stop! Don’t drink that. Someone else drank from that cup! It’s used! She’s using used cups. I know, I’ve been watching her!

Me: Ma’am please stop lying to other customers. I told you these are clean, unused cups.

Customer: I am not lying. You’re using dirty cups to get everyone sick, you disgusting *****!

(Someone alerted the manager for me and she was escorted out of the store, still claiming I was using dirty cups.)