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(I work at a popular burrito chain that serves two kinds of rice, white and brown, both with cilantro and lime juice unless requested otherwise.)

Me: (answering the phone) Thanks for calling [Restaurant], how can I help you?
Caller: Hello, I placed an order with you a little while ago under [name]?
Me: Yes, I have your order sheet right here.
Caller: Good. I was unaware that you had cilantro-lime rice. Which one has the cilantro-lime, the white or the brown?
Me: Both our rices are cilantro-lime.
Caller: Okay, I’d like to change my order then.
Me: Can do. You have two burritos here, what would you like to change?
Caller: On the first one, the one with the chicken and the guac? I’d like the cilantro-lime white rice.
Me: (I see that the first burrito is already marked with white rice). Okay.
Caller: So that’s cilantro-lime white rice on the chicken and guac burrito?
Me: Yes.
Caller: I also want cheese, corn, tomatoes, and sour cream on there too.
Me: (these are all already marked on the order sheet). Alright, consider it done.
Caller: Great. Now for the second burrito, the one with chicken and no guac, can I get the cilantro-lime brown rice?
Me: (I see that, again, this is already marked). Okay.
Caller: Now that’s the burrito with chicken, but no guac. I also want tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce on that one.
Me: (Again, this is already on the order sheet). Alright, got it. Anything else for you tonight?
Caller: No, that will be all.
Me: Have a good night. (hangs up phone)
Manager: Was that [order name]?
Me: Yeah.
Manager: I spent like 30 minutes on the phone with her to order two burritos. Ridiculous.