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(This happens on the day of the store’s grand opening. It’s a 24 hour convience store. But we have a raffle drawing at 5pm, so, we have closed the store for 10 minutes while the drawing takes place outside in the parking lot, so staff has time to clean up. I’m blocking the doors.)
Customer #1: (trying to enter as the last few customers in the store are leaving)
Me: Sorry, sir, we’re closed.
Customer #1: But I have to buy something.
Me: We’re closed for the next 10 minutes.
(Customer #2 tries walking in and Customer #1 gets in line right behind him, by now, the store is empty except for myself and another employee, mopping.)
Me: Sorry, we’re closed.
(Customer #3 tries entering, only for Customer #1 to get right behind him again.)
Me: We’re closed for the next 10 minutes. Sorry!
(This goes on for the next 10 minutes with a new customer and Customer #1 trying to enter right behind them.)
Me: Dude! We are STILL closed.
(He just kept on lingering by the door and trying to get in every time I turned my back. This dragged out the 10 minutes into 20. The realy important thing he just HAD to buy? Iced coffee and chips.)