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(I’m on the shop floor, unpacking stock from a trolley. I go off for a few minutes to help a customer. When I return two customers have removed almost all the stock from the trolley and strewn it all over the floor so they can get something at the very bottom. I catch them as they’re walking away.)
Me: Are you right there Ladies?
Customer #1: We’re good. We just had to get something that was inconveniently at the bottom of that trolley.
(I’m very frustrated as my boss pressures me to get stock out quickly, and having to collect everything off the floor is going to set me back.)
Me: Yes, inconvenient indeed. Just like all the items that are now strewn all over the floor.
Customer #2: Oh, you’ll clean that up. It’s what we as customers pay you to do, after all.
Me: Ladies, may I ask; did you even bother to check the shelf?
(They look at me, puzzled. I point to a shelf close to where they’re standing that has the exact item they took from my trolley.)
Me: Please, ask me for help next time. After all, you, as customers, pay me to help you find whatever you need.
(They looked embarrassed and walked off quickly. To add icing to the cake, I was called to help at the registers and ended up serving them.)

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