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(I work nights when the store is closed. Last night, shortly before I got to work a disgruntled customer drove her SUV through one of our entrances and out the other so instead of working my usual shift I’m helping clean up and make sure no one comes in. I’m sweeping up her exit point when a young man rolls up on his bicycle.)

Young Man: “Did the soda and beer aisle get hurt?”

(I figure he wants to buy something.)

Me: “No, but you can’t go down it.”

Young Man: “No, I don’t want it now because you’re closed. I just wanted to make sure I could get some tomorrow.”

Me: “We’re probably not going to open tomorrow.”

(He left looking confused and dejected. Also later that night a man drove up asked if he could take pictures of the damage and then told me his Bipolar wife was the lady who drove through the store.)