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A customer came up to me asking about a burger that was meant to have two patties on.

Customer: I bought this burger and it was meant to have two beef burgers on, not one.

Me: Okay, do you have the reciept and the burger? I can quickly replace it for you

Customer: Oh I don’t want it replacing, I’ve already eaten it. I want a refund.

(I go to my supervisor who says I’m not allowed to refund it because there is no proof that the burger was wrong.)

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to give you a refund for the burger because you have already eaten it, if you hadn’t we’d have been able to sort it.

Customer: You’re bascially saying I have no proof? (Yelling) What is your name? I need to know it because I’m going to call head office. I want to write a complaint.

Supervisor: What’s up?

(Same conversation as I hide in the cupboard)

Customer: Thanks mate!!


Supervisor: Ice cream. He wanted ice cream.

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