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(I work at the surgical registration desk at a hospital. The infusion center has started sending their patients to us to check in because they have recently been overwhelmed. One of these patients approaches me.)

Patient: “Where is the infusion center?”

Me: “It’s up on the fifth floor, but you have to check in here first.”

Patient: “No. They moved. Do you know where they are now?”

Me: *Thinking he’s really supposed to go somewhere else* “They’re still on the fifth floor, but I can look you up and seee where you’re supposed to go.”

Patient: “You don’t know where they are. I’ll just find someone who does.”

Me: “Are you sure you don’t just want me to look you up?”

Patient: “I guess.”

(He walks over, and I start to go to the patient lookup screen on my computer)

Patient: “It used to be on the fifth floor, but they moved.”

Me: “No, they’re still there. They’re just having us check people in down here now.”

Patient: “No, they moved. I’ll find someone who knows where they are.”

Me: “You don’t want me to just look you up?”

Patient: “No”

(He walks away. About five minutes later, he comes back.)

Patient: “I’m sorry, you were completely right. Can you check me in?”

(I get him checked in and he leaves, but I’m left wondering why he was so reluctant to let me look him up.)