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(im cleaning the area where customers can add milk/cream, sugars, and flavored powered into their dirnks)
customer: “hi do you have any salt here? i need salt to eat my food”
me: “no im sorry we do not have salt here. this is a coffee shop”
customer: “are you sure? i have to have salt to eat my food”
me: “im sorry ma’am.. we do not have salt at this location”
customer: “ok”
(at this point she leaves and im still cleaning and refilling napkins and then another woman comes up. it looks like the former lady’s mother”
customer’s mom: “hi is that salt?” (points at the vanilla powder)
me: *chuckles* no that is vanilla powder. you know for flavoring coffee”
customer: “so there is no salt here?”
me: “ma’am i don’t know what to tell you. this is a coffee shop. we do not have salt here”
customer: you know what? i don’t like your attitude.”
me: *what…..*