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(A young woman comes down with a sheaf of papers, wearing an expression that I can only describe as loathing. It is midnight,)

Woman: “I want you to make 50 copies of these papers.”

Me: “Ok, but…our printer does black and white only,”

Woman: *sighs heavily* “Fine! You don’t have color. Just great.”

(50 copies of 8 sheets takes a lot of time, and she gets antsy,)

Woman: “Is this going to take any longer?!”

Me: “Yes I’m afraid so.”

Woman: “What kind of hotel doesn’t make copies fast? Just give them to me, never mind.”

(She snatches them back and wanders off, grumbling about us. Then I get a call from her, from in her room,)

Woman: “There’s a loud noise, and I won’t let me sleep! Can you hear it?”

(She pauses and there’s a long silence.)

Me: “No I cannot hear anything.”

(I go up to check it out, and hear nothing, except a faint noise of traffic outside. She flips out, swearing up and down that it is very loud in her room, how she needed copies tomorrow. In the end, she gets a free suite, and we get complaints from other guests she woke during her tantrum, but she is still not happy! Thankfully, she checks out next morning and I never see her again. I hope someone removed whatever was stuck up her butt!)

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