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, | Unfiltered | September 18, 2018

(working the front desk of a hotel, the heating decides to break on the 3rd floor at 11pm on a Sunday night give out all our electric heaters including my own I brought from home for the reception desk)

Guest (dressed in coats, scarves and hats)- this is ridiculous we are freezing you have done nothing for us!

me- I apologise ma’am we are trying to fix the heating but you have got a heater in your room currently (my heater…)

Guest- (grabs my arm) feel how cold my hands are they are like ice this is not acceptable

me (in my skirt and white shirt absolutely freezing)- I do apologise that you are cold but we are doing everything we can to rectify the problem, but if you could let go of my arm id appreciate it.

Guest- No I wont let go till you acknowledge how cold I am in that room.

Me- I then hold her arm to which she looks at me in shock as I am ice cold as I say (id be more than happy to take the heater back if it isn’t helping at all…) she lets go of me and walks of without another word..