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Manager: “After you finish with this customer, turn off your light.”

(He’s talking about the light that flicks on every register to say they’re ready to ring up stuff. I finish with my customer, but before I could reach up, another customer piles his things on my belt.)

Me: *flicks light off* “I’m sorry, sir, but I have to leave this register.”

(He glares meanly, but leaves without a fuss. Then, my manager sidles up to me.)

Manager: “Never mind, flick your light on again.” *leaves*

(I do so and a lady comes right up and I start ringing her things. I barely have started when the earlier man storms up, pushing her aside.)

Man: “I thought you were off?!”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but the manager–”

Man: “No excuse for you, you’re stupid!”

Me: “Please move, this lady was ahead of you.”

Man: “Stupid!”

Lady: “Just let him go, I’m not in a hurry.”

(I ring him up, and he keeps calling me stupid over and over, and practically rips the receipt out of my hands. He leaves and the lady and I are discussing what a clown he is, until I notice he has left his purchase behind!)

Me: “He left his bag. What an idiot.”

Lady: “Well, isn’t that the silliest thing…”

(She leaves and sure enough, he comes back. I think that he’s going to accuse me of stealing his stuff, but he meekly asks for his bag and runs off!)