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I worked at a major video game store where we handled a lot of used products. Including taking in products, where the law considers us a pawn shop. This was within my first three months on the job.

Me: *Having father and son walk up to my register.* “Hey guys, how can I help you today?”

Father: *In a thick accent* Yes my son would like to trade in this game.

*At this point I go through the standard procedure of looking through the cases to ensure there are discs and the quality of them. They were older games for a less popular console that were quite bad shape but we could give him something for them.*

Me:Okay so that will be $8.45 on a gift card. I just need to see a piece of ID.

Father:[Yelling] What!? I never needed to show ID last time I trade games in! I just did it!

Me: I am sorry sir, but the law states that I need a piece of ID to take the trade-in or I cannot complete the transaction.

*Now the Assistant Manager who was working beside me has asked his customer for a second while he helps me*

Manager: Sorry, but it is the law and [company] cannot take your trades without a piece of ID it’s both our company policy and the law.

Father:[Throws the ID at me] Here take the f***ing ID!

*The customer is now yelling very loudly and angrily in another language *

Manager:[Grabs the ID off the table while I stand shocked] You do not throw things at my employees, and you do not treat either myself or him with this behaviour in my store. Now get out. [He puts the ID with the games and puts them on the counter.]

Father:[Calming down slightly] Okay my friend, I am sorry my friend. [He hands me the games with the ID nicely. His son meanwhile is in tears beside him though due to him being silent this entire time I assume it is out of fear or shame.]

Me:O-okay. [I quickly write down the information we require and return the gift card, and receipt.]

[As they were leaving the store the father turned around and pulled his pants and underpants down exposing himself to not only the two of us that were working but also the customers we had in the store including multiple younger children including his own. Unluckily for him we had the entire event caught on two different cameras and had all his information off his ID. My assistant manager called the police…I don’t think they had much trouble.]

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