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(I’m an assistant manager in a deli and we had recently switched from one brand of lunch meat to another. During this change, the new brand of lunch-meat employees were giving out free samples; one of which was packs of hotdogs. The following conversation ensues:)

Guest: “I came in here either yesterday or three days ago and was given these hotdogs but they expire today! Can I get a new pack; my wife won’t let me eat them.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, those were a free sample and we were giving them out three days ago, they were meant to be eaten right away.”

Guest: “Well they said at the service counter I couldn’t return them. But my wife won’t let me eat them so I wanted you to exchange them for me.”

Me: Sir, those were given out for free by [brand]. I can’t just replace them because technically they aren’t even ours, they are from [brand] as a promotion and they never were inventoried into our system.” *taking the hot dogs from the counter* “The only thing I really can do is throw them away for you or you can keep them and eat them today.”

Guest: “My wife said I’d get sick if I ate them.”

Me: “Well then I’ll just get rid of them for you.”

(I threw them in the trash and walked away. My whole team gave me high fives.)