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(A car has just pulled into the drive thru.)

Me: “Thank you for choosing [restaurant]; what can I get for you?”

Customer: “I’m looking for something cold and sweet.”

Me: “Well, we have soft drinks, iced coffee, smoothies-”

Customer: “Smoothies! What kinds?”

(I list off the smoothie flavours, and he orders two.)

Me: “Sure thing! That’ll be [amount] at the second window, please.”

(He pulls up to the window.)

Me: “Hi there!”

Customer: “Oh, hi! I was gonna say, I wanted to know who the cutie was who was talking to us.”

(I’m a little shocked, as I’ve never been hit on by a customer before. I also don’t make small talk very well.)

Me: “Haha… alright. [amount], please.”

(He seemed a little dejected after that. Sorry, drive thru guy.)

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