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, | Unfiltered | September 10, 2018

(I come back home for summer vacation and need the Wifi password, but my family does not remember. I decided to call the company that set up the internet connection to see if they can help.)

Me: “We forgot the password, so I’m just wondering if you could do something to help?”

Tech Support: “Can you plug the internet cable into your computer?”

Me: “I can’t. I am using a MacBook Air; it doesn’t have a port to insert the internet cable.”

Tech Support: “No, it has. Can you please check it?”

Me: “I’m telling you. Air’s don’t have a port for an internet cable.”

(This went on for a bit with the guy insisting that my laptop must have one till I just gave up and hung up. Guess he must think I am really stupid. So much for tech support!)

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