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12 Stories About Video Games And The Customers Who Can’t Level Up

| Right | December 8, 2020

Dear readers,

We’ve recently entered a new console generation! Sony’s PS5 is out to battle Microsoft’s X-Box X1X-RS-Extra – or something. And Nintendo is just doing what Nintendo is doing…

Anyhoo, we’ve rounded up twelve stories from our archives from the world of videogames, from customers who just don’t seem to “get” them, to others who seem to think you can just stroll into a store and pick one up on release day. Read every story to earn experience points!


DualShock Depreciation – Honestly, we wouldn’t trust a gaming console that came from a dollar store.

Some Customers Just Waltz In – Maybe they should just stick to dance-dancing at the arcade.

Tron’s Legacy – Hear us out. What if Sword Art Online, but real life?

Mmm, Pasty Nerds – If there’s really a place out there selling gaming devices for fifteen bucks, this nerd’s interested.

And Just Think, You’ll Meet Them In Multiplayer – What, what, and seriously, what?!

Bribery (Adjusted For Inflation) – Well, when you leave yourself open for smarta**ery…

On The Futility Of Signs – “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes–” Oh, wait. No, I didn’t, and it didn’t.

Application Confrontation, Part 2 – And you think you’re going to be able to work here? In a video game store?

Black Ops To Get You Black Listed – They’re gonna make you walk the plank, next!

Ex-Box – Never have I craved context so badly in my life.

Not The Cream Of The Crop – Is Farmville still a thing? If it is, all my crops are super dead. I want a refund!

All Hail Wikipedia – This is a supremely satisfying way to deal with this kind of customer.


We hope you enjoyed this video-game-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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