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12 Stories About Customers Who Might Have Overreacted Just A Little Bit

| Right | June 29, 2021

Dear readers,

We’d like to think that most of you experience a wide range of emotions (apologies to all the Vulcan readers) and most of the time have a pretty good handle on them. We all get angry or frustrated, but how we deal with it tells a lot about us and our emotional maturity.

And then there are these customers, who seem to have the emotional control of an infant, plus the entitlement to boot. The type of customer where every inconvenience is persecution, and every slight delay is the end of the world! The following twelve stories are about customers who overreacted maybe just a teensy-weensy bit. Enjoy!


How Cute, You Learned A New Vocab – Persecuting (as defined by Merriam-Webster): “to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict.” Right. Gotcha.

Pyromaniac In Aisle 11 – And then she got arrested. Right?!

Spontaneous Customer Combustion – That poor phone didn’t deserve this.

When Customers Attack – Hits from the comments: “It’s like someone’s needy cat reincarnated into this lady.”

He Just Talks Really Loudly – I don’t get a lot of threats in this line of work (luckily), but this sounds an awful lot like a threat to me.

Someone Seriously Needs A Time-Out – If you hate the word “moist,” you might want to avoid this one.

If No Scone, Then Insta-Crone – Hits from the comments: “I’m on a schedule and my morning temper tantrum is scheduled for… now.”

She Wouldn’t Last A Minute In 1478 – Well, nobody expected that, that’s for sure.

F*** The Benefits, We Want Combat Pay – Seriously, customers like this need to be charged for assault. Otherwise, they’ll never learn.

Not Always Right On So Many Levels – This person is color-blind in the worst possible way.

Cue Dramatic Music – I know kids are picky, but there has to be another way.

When Mood Swings Attack, Part 2 – This person absolutely does not deserve a replacement sandwich.


We hope you enjoyed this Customers-Overreacting-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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