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12 Silly, Scaly Stories About Reptiles!

| Right | September 8, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Iguana Awareness Day! They really do have a holiday for everything. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of stories featuring these scaly friends, so this roundup isn’t about iguanas. Or at least, not only.

For your sun-basking pleasure, we’ve rounded up 12 stories from our archives about all kinds of reptiles that scurry and slither!


Engaging The Reptile Part Of Your Brain – Sounds like he needs to get a leg up on his reptile knowledge!

Starved Of Useful Information – You should have to pass a test before you can adopt a pet.

The Guinea Pig Goes Hiss – Rodents, reptiles, it’s all the same.

Dinosaur-Brained – The sickest of burns!

The More Popular Animals – Ahhh, the early stages of language development.

Suffering From A Reptile Dysfunction, Part 2 – People eat all kinds of strange things.

Sadly You Have To Listen To His Snake Oil – “Therefore be silent, and keep your forked tongue behind your teeth.”

Slither Their Way Into Your Heart – The snake is the real victim here.

Well, That’s THAT Problem Licked – Hits from the comments: “If you licked the top of my head, I’d bite you, too.”

This Diet Should Bug You More – Please refer to my caption for the second story.

All I’m Getting Is Snake-Eyes – Hopefully, the veterinarian knows more than the receptionist.

You Can’t Snake Around This Behavior – Reptiles aren’t for everyone, but shouldn’t teachers be more open-minded?


We hope you enjoyed this Reptile-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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