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12 Mystifying Stories About Microwave Ovens!

| Right | December 6, 2021

Dear readers,

Here at NAR, we like to joke that there really is a “holiday” for everything, and today is no exception. It’s National Microwave Oven Day in the USA! Microwaves have been making leftovers warmer, solid butter softer, and cooking simpler for decades, and today, we’re celebrating them…. or rather having a good laugh at the people out there who can’t even handle opening a door and pushing some buttons.

Zap yourself some popcorn and enjoy these 12 stories about microwave ovens and the people confounded by them!


All Games Rated D For Delicious – Where… how were you plugging this in?!

Customers Can Stop You Cold – Not everything frozen has to be heated!

Technically, He Set It To Vibrate – Hits from the comments: “This is why we’re doomed: we keep putting smart devices in the hands of dumb people.”

Periodically Stupid – Where in the fresh h*** did you go to school?!

The Microwave Wasn’t The Safe Option – If you think this is shockingly stupid, we have more than one story about this mistake.

Cooking In High Definition – Our stupidity-sensing antennae are up!

Warning: IQ May Be Inversely Proportional To Wavelength – This employee is so incredibly patient.

Playing With Fire – You wouldn’t want to interrupt his combo!

Micro-Understanding – Wanna bet the center was still frozen?

Microbrain – Nobody tell them about the sun.

Warning: IQ May Be Inversely Proportional To Wavelength, Part Two – Maybe they meant a rotisserie?

Time To Set Things Straight – The microwave isn’t the culprit… this time.


We hope you enjoyed our Microwave Oven-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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