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12 More Stories About The Worst Job Interviews Ever!

| Right | December 1, 2021

Dear readers,

Nowadays, the job market is… chaotic, to say the least. We’ve been through some weird times, and they just keep getting weirder. That being said, one constant in life is that job interviews are hard. They’re often awkward, anxiety-inducing, or both, and the results can change the course of your life!

A year ago, we brought you a roundup of stories about hilariously bad job interviews. Today, we’ve rounded up 12 more stories from our archives about job interviews that were weirder than most. Sit back and enjoy the cringe!


Trust Me, Best Manager Ever, Like You’ll Never Believe… – May none of us ever have a manager like this one.

What Goes Up, Must Come Crashing Down – This interview was over before it even began.

Too Many Assumptions Spoil The Broth – If you don’t ask for what you want, you’re stuck with what you get.

This Questionnaire Is Murder – So… if it was more than ten years ago, we’re cool?

Couldn’t Handle The Reality Of Reality – This guy needs to rethink his exit strategy. Or just get one.

The Glasses Are Clean But Their Questions Are Not – It starts with little red flags and escalates to big ol’ banners.

Job-Seek And Destroy – Hits from the comments: “Apparently her idea of ‘job’ is ‘I don’t show up but you can just direct deposit my pay.'”

They’re Not “Torn” As To Which Student To Pick – Being a student is no excuse!

Doesn’t Know How To Politely Decline – Knowing how to handle questions you find stupid is a great skill.

Didn’t Land With Their Feet On The Ground – This isn’t how you get a job or keep one.

Starter For Ten – Hits from the comments: “Time of interview: five minutes. Time to decide you don’t want to work there: nanoseconds.”

They Just L-SAT There – If you say, “I don’t know,” one more time, I don’t know what I’ll do!


We hope you enjoyed our second Job Interview-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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