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12 Hilarious Stories About Underage Customers With Terrible Fake IDs

| Right | October 12, 2020

Dear readers,

The fake ID is almost like a rite of passage for many a teenager. The trope seen in so many high school movies goes thus: underage kid gets a fake ID and is able to use ID to purchase alcohol, and everyone becomes this kid’s new best friend because he can suddenly supply light beer for everyone!

Reality, as is often the case, is different, as evidenced by the following twelve stories from our archives. Our roundup should keep you entertained, and you don’t even have to have an ID to enjoy it!


A Man Of Many Faces, All Of Them Dumb – It’s too small a world for you to be this stupid.

Military Intelligence, Part 4 – This kid is generally mischievous.

No ID, No Idea, Part 4 – The author here is right; he should really know better.

No ID, No Idea, Part 2 – I’d give him an A for effort, but… he didn’t earn it.

Happy Hour, Right Day, Wrong Year – Maybe a free Pepsi would be okay?

Trouble Brewing, Part 2 – Hits from the comments: “Because smoking and drinking stunts your mental growth, and you appear not to need the help.”

No ID, No Idea, Part 7 – Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Hair Apparent – We mustache you to stop trying to scam us.

Not So Sharp – We’ve heard of teen moms, but this is ridiculous.

Nicoteenagers – Hits from the comments: “It is clear why you failed some of these classes. I guess at least one was math?”

Piercing Observation – I only have six brain cells left. Send help.

Fake ID Is Always A Gamble – You have to commit, people.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about underage customers! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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