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12 Hilarious Stories About People Who Believed What They Saw On Crime Shows

| Right | February 24, 2021

Dear readers,

We’ve all seen those shows where simply saying “zoom and enhance” can get the perpetrator captured before the episode is up. Crime serials can be thrilling, but they are also wildly unrealistic when it comes to what is standard procedure for real life, instead choosing to max out the drama with supercomputers, impossible image correction, and even dangerously simplified medical procedures.

We’ve rounded up twelve stories that prove shows like CSI have a lot to answer for!


Forensics For Dummies – Maybe if someone had Photoshopped the person in front into the picture…

Why Don’t You (Law &) Order The New CSI-NCIS-H50 Computer?! – Even if they existed, would you have the brains to use them?

Conjured Coffee Conjugations – “Vegemite” sounds cool, too, but I don’t want a whole cup full.

Hollywood, M.D. – There is also no red liquid in a glass jar that stops you from dying.

How Not To Curry Favor – Hits from the comments: “The capital of Los Angeles? L and A.”

We Can Thank Hollywood And “Hacker” Films For This – Maybe it’s all the tin foil you stuffed down the vents.

CSI: Toy Story – Super cute, until she starts performing autopsies on the Barbies.

A Bit Grey With Anatomy, Part 2 – I don’t need to be a doctor to know that you’re an idiot.

Attempting To Mask Out Stupidity – For the same reason that most (real) people don’t hunt demons or come back from the dead.

CS-Why? – At least this one has even the slightest basis in reality.

Keeping Up With All This TV Is Murder – When you start dreaming of corpses, you might have a problem.

About To CSI This Place – There’s being attached to your phone, and then there’s this.


We hope you enjoyed this CSI-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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