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12 Hellish Stories About Customers Who Believe Celebrating Halloween Will Mean The Devil To Pay!

| Right | October 30, 2020

Dear readers,

The “spooky season” continues! So far we’ve had scary movies and haunted houses! Today, we’re looking at those people who seem to think that celebrating Halloween will mean you have the devil to pay! While everyone is entitled to their beliefs, we also believe that everyone is entitled to celebrate what brings them joy as long as they’re not harming anyone else. So, in that spirit, we say trick or treat, eat the candy, and have a spectacularly spooky Halloween!

We’ve rounded up twelve terrifying stories about those who are very vocal about how against Halloween they are!


The Pope Might Have Something To Say About That – How about we all just split a bucket of candy and call it a day?

Sales Of The Witching Hour – Someone’s feeling a little twitchy about all things witchy.

Driving Down Route 66(6) – Unleash your inner demons to scare the crazies away!

We Wish You A Merry Saturnalia – Aw, c’mon. What’s a couple of jack-o-lanterns between friends?

The Costumer Is Always Right – Hits from the comments: “I don’t hate Jesus… I just don’t know if I like his hair style.”

Thank You For Shopping At ApocalypseMart – Sometimes the universe has excellent comedic timing.

Just Another Day At Work – The clown is the scariest part of this story for me.

All Judgments Are Final – No! Not the bat-shaped confetti! Anything but that!

Just Plain Batty, Part 2 – Warning: super cute pictures of sweet little bats in the comments of this one.

Happy Meals Cost A Devil’s Ransom – Mmm, those chicky nuggies are sinfully delicious.

Religious Freedom Is Great If You’re The One Persecuting – You think that lady took fashion tips from Lucifer himself?

It’s Scary How Seriously They Take Christmas – Happy hypocrisy!


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about devilish customers at Halloween! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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