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12 Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Stories To Put A Little Irish Jig Into Your Day

| Right | March 17, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! First recognized by the Catholic Church way back in 1631, this holiday honoring Ireland’s most beloved patron saint has… evolved… somewhat. Perhaps “escalated” is a better word? Historically, as it was a religious holiday, pubs in Ireland were ordered to be closed on St. Patrick’s Day.

In modern times, however, things are quite different. In the college town where I grew up, the university actually started scheduling Spring Break for the week of March 17th, knowing full well that its students would be pounding all the green beer they could stomach (and some they couldn’t) – and hoping against hope that they’d go do it somewhere else.

Today, we’ve rounded up 12 stories about St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re Catholic or Irish or just look smashing in green, we hope you and enjoy – and stay safe!


Doctoring Under The Influence – And where does your husband practice? Just curious. For no reason.

Attack Of The O’Hooligans – Great. Now this customer will think she actually did something.

Wine & Spirits Of Camraderie – Ooh, our favorite game! “Drunk or stupid?”

Love Me Tender, Love Me Spew – Gosh. My heart is so warmed.

Her Belief Is A Sham(rock) – What are they teaching these kids?!

Scrooge-Fest – Hits from the comments: “So, First Contact Day (April 5) and International Star Wars Day (May 4) would be right out, then?”

A Unification Of Celebrations – Hey, we learned something from this story!

A Colorful Approach To Work – That kid’s going to be a teacher one day.

Trying To Read It In Blackest Night – The Brown Lantern is a very, very different superhero.

School Can Teach You Life Lessons – Coolest. Teacher. Ever.

Weeding Out The Bad Products – Hey, at least they’re green!

The Pluck Of The Irish – What better way to celebrate than with a good defenestration?


We hope you enjoyed this St. Patrick’s Day-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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