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(I’m a part timer working at a checkout. one day I was on an express lane during a rush hour, as I was scanning through some products)

Customer: I don’t think that item you scanned is at the right priced!

Me: Oh sorry, did you happened to remember the price of the product? (We were so busy I didn’t even go to check the price and just decided to trust her words and re-entered the “Correct” price)

Customer: I’m soooo sick of this! (In an angry tone)

Me: I’m… sorry?

Customer: Your store always have the wrong pricing! (goes on this massive rant and kept saying how everything was my fault)

After she has finished

Me: I’m sorry Ma’am, I understand where your coming from(except how everything was my fault?) but sometime we do have some pricing error, because we get the pricing from (name of company that owned the supermarket) It could be an error from them OR our checkout machine didn’t register them properly, However I well do my best to pass on the message for you to make sure they check the pricing properly next time, as I don’t do any of the pricing.

Customer: I don’t care the pricing was still wrong! This is not good enough!

Asked if she wanted to speak to my duty manager but declined saying it well take too long…

Me: Uh… well then I’ll try my best to pass on that message for you to the correct department, again As I’m only a checkout person and don’t do any of the pricing, so I can’t really do anything else.

Customer: I don’t care. You! (pointing at me) need to take responsibility for this!

At this point I wasn’t sure what else she wanted me to do because I had already fixed the price of her items, apologize, asked if she wanted to speak to the manager and promised to pass on the message to the guys who does the price tag. So I literally repeated the same line as I did before over 3-4 times before she gave up and stormed off, This all happened for about 5-10mins when there was a massive line of other customer waiting.

Apologize to the next customer for taking so long.

Customer No.2: Nah man It’s cool, But Wow do you get people like that all the time?

Me: Yep… All the time. (Customer No.2 and pretty much the rest of the customer in lined laughed after she had left)

Btw: When I left for break I went to check the price and apparently It wasn’t wrong, she had just picked the wrong item that was right next to it. (I guess she won?)