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| Unfiltered | September 7, 2018

At my first work place, the atmosphere is really laid back.
Many employees worked together already for years.
There were different sections of the plant.
Usually, maximum of 5 people were working together at the same time in a section.

One of the colleague was a great joker.
He always played tricks.
Often we had to go to different areas of the plant and only two people stayed in one section.

I usually worked in the laboratory or on the computer, if we didn’t have to fix something.

One day my colleague found a new prank:
He put a bucket filled with water and placed it on the door frame.

Usually, my other colleague and me used our bosses office to write reports.
Our boss only came in once or twice week, as his main office was at a different place.

On day, I was working in the control room, when I saw the “joker guy” climbing out of the office’s window.
“I placed a bucket for other colleague! So, don’t go into the office! I will go to fix some of the pumps. I will be back later.”

“Don’t you think, you should stop this joke already?Almost everyone fell for this prank already!”

“This will be the last time. Other colleague is the last one!”

After an hour, I went to the laboratory and already forgot about the prank.

Suddenly, our boss came by and said Hello to me.
A few minutes later, I heared him unlock his office and I just thought
“Oh no!”
I ran out of the office but it was too late..
I just heared a splash and a scream.

My joker colleague came running shouting
“I need to remove the bucket! Boss showed…” Immediately he froze when he saw our boss furiously, running out of his office, his head dripping wet.

My colleague was chewed out by our boss for almost an hour.
After that incident, luckily the pranks very reduced drastically.
But this story was our favourite one at the plant’s Christmas parties.