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(Note: The store I worked at only sells items that you can see, we do not have a back area to the store because we get only a set amount of items from other companies to sell, also if something is missing from the item it’s likely we don’t have it if it wasn’t already with the product. I had just started cleaning clothing racks when a older woman approached me)

Me: hello ma’am

Customer: Hi this dress is missing it’s belt can you check the back for it?

Me: I can see if my coworker brought it to the front (I go and check and there is no belt. I come back and tell her this)

Customer: oh okay (leaves)

*I continue cleaning when behind me I can hear the woman on her phone*

Customer: I can’t believe the service here. They don’t even have all the parts of the dress. It’s over priced too. F***ing ridiculous. *Towards me* Hey why is this so d*mn expensive?

Me: It’s the prices we were given. We can’t change them.

Customer: I should get a discount for the belt missing

Me: If there is a problem with the dress you can ask the cashiers to help you with that. However it’s likely we didn’t get a belt with it to begin with.

Customer: Well that’s f***ing stupid. You are no help. I want my discount now.

Me: Ma’am I cannot authorize a discount, the cashiers can call a manager to help you. Or if you wish I can go find one to help you now.

Customer: I don’t want the d*mn manager. I WANT A DISCOUNT!

Me: *Gets one of the managers on duty and explains the situation.*

Manager: [My name] has informed of the situation with the belt. And she is correct if there is no belt on the dress and it’s also no upfront there is no belt. We cannot give you a discount for this because you can get a different belt or remove the belt straps.

Customer: THIS IS B***S*** I JUST WANTED A DICOUNT. HORRIBLE SERVICE. WHAT STORE DOESN’T HAVE THE BELT. (She than drops the dress and storms out of the store)

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