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(It’s the end of our “year.” We all work at a school and generally go out for lunch together on our last work day, about a week after school ends. This is a fairly stressful time of year as my two coworkers are trying to set up classes for the upcoming fall, which is a lot harder than anyone might think. I’m a worker bee, so it’s not as hard on me. My coworker is trying to decide on a meal when the waitress arrives. We’d already had her come back once because he wasn’t ready. He has decided on the salmon. There are four varieties, clearly named on the menu. The waitress lists off these options.)

Coworker: “How is the herb crusted salmon prepared?”

(I look at the waitress, she is clearly trying to find a non-snarky answer, so I have to do it.)

Me: “It’s called herb-crusted, I’m thinking it’s crusted with herbs.”

The waitress had to laugh. Fortunately even coworker saw the humor.

Fwiw, coworker got the herb-crusted salmon and loved it. That waitress gave us fantastic service and got tipped accordingly.