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(I work as a receptionist in the evening shift. Very rarely we get strange people coming in, but they don’t stay too long.)

A lady walks in. Her hair is a little unkempt, but I think little of it.

Me: Good evening, how may I help you?

Her: Is there anyone at the office right now?

(Our office is two floors and some agents don’t say hi when they come in.)

Me: I’m not sure, give me just a second to group page the office.

Her: Alright. I’m looking for an actor, who can work for about an hour. Preferably good looking.

I make the page and wait for a couple minutes. Usually agents would reply back as soon as they hear it, but it was just silence.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, it seems that no one is in the office at the moment.

She takes a seat on one of our couches in front of the reception desk.

Her: Is there usually no one in here??

Me: Not at this time, most have gone home for the day.

She gets up and stands next to the desk.

Her: What happened to the blond agent who used to work here? She used to be a barista of some sort.

I had no idea who she was talking about, and we had a few people with blond hair.

Me: I’m not sure who you might be referring to.

She waits a bit longer before asking if an agent is here.

Me: No ma’am, usually they call me right back when I make a page. There is no one in the office right now.

Her: Well then, why am I even here?! I got no time to be waiting around, I’m leaving.