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I have worked at a small store on a military base for over two years, so most of the regulars know me by name.

A lady comes in, in uniform, and asks for some cigarettes, I grab the pack she’s pointing to and double check that they’re the correct brand. She says yes, I ring her out and go to the next customer. Next thing I know, she pops back up saying that those aren’t the right cigarettes and that she wants a refund or to switch them out.

Since they’re cigarettes, I can’t do that at our store and when I reply with that she loses her mind; ranting and raving about how I made her day so much worse while I have a line full of people standing behind her watching this woman in uniform go off.

After a minute or two of this, one of the ladies in civilian dress (who I’ve known for years at this point) steps up and asks for her name and SO’s name because SHE was higher rank than the first woman and was going to report her.

She then proceeds to follow her out to the parking lot and tears her a new one!