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(I’m nineteen and I have a summer job as a tour guide/souvenir salesperson. I work at a nature phenomenon in the heart of a wildlife preserve, so there isn’t any electricity or running water. Add to that the average of 40°C we often get in the summer over there, and a very busy day with many groups and use of all the languages I know, and you can understand how exhausted I am by the end of the day. My coworker gives me a ride home and I ask him to stop a bit further, so I can go buy a few things from a local supermarket. At the register though…)

Me: “Hello, just this, please, and I’d like a bag with that.”

Cashier: “No problem at all. And… wow I must say this is the weirdest purchase I’ve seen so far and I’ve been working here for three years now.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Cashier: “I mean, I have seen some strange things. But fresh raspberries and imported Dutch beer… this is really the best. Can I please tell my husband? He’ll love the combination.”

Me: *finally getting it* “Oh… Oh I meant to get something completely different. I’ve been working under a hot sun all day and I’m a bit distracted.”

Cashier: “It’s all right, it happens to all of us. And your purchase just made my day!”

Me: “Always glad to help!”

(We both laughed and then I got home to continue laughing and to enjoy my beer and my raspberries. Fortunately I had the next day off, so I slept in and got some rest. Years later I still describe this to my friends as the weirdest purchase ever.)