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(My aunt loves to complain about anything when we go out/order something to eat. Me and my other cousins find it to be rude and insulting, especially since we know people in the business.)

Aunt: *ordering from restaurant* “Hi, I would like [order] and 24 breadsticks.”

(The restaurant tells her that each person only gets two breadsticks free, and that she will pay for twelve of them.)

Aunt: “That’s ridiculous; I’ve never had to pay for any at the restaurant.”

(The restaurant explains the difference from being at restaurant and ordering out.)


(The restaurant puts management on the phone, and tells them they cannot do anything about it, but will gladly allow her to contact corporate.)

Aunt: “I WILL CONTACT CORPORATE AND MAKE SURE THAT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! I AM A LOYAL CUSTOMER AND…” *rants continuously until she gets the info and the food later on*

(She complains on how “rude” they were, and that she is going to write a letter. At this point, I just tell her to eat and not worry about it. Moral of the story: Just accept what people give you, instead of giving them utter bulls**t)