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(I get some really ridiculous calls, but I think this one may take the cake. Counselor’s names are changed for anonymity’s sake)

Me: Good afternoon, [counseling office]. This is [my name], how may I help you?

Caller: *Garbled and slurred* –and I need to talk to [female counselor, who we will call Susan].

Me: Sure, let me just check that she isn’t in with a client. May I ask who’s calling?

Caller: Uh, I think his name was [name similar to one of our male counselor’s, we’ll call him Barry].

Me: Oh, did you need to speak with Barry?

Caller: Susan.

Me: Alright, may I have your name, please?

Caller: Uh, his name’s Gary, I think.

Me: Sir, are you asking for Susan or Barry?

Caller: Jane!

Me: Sir, we don’t have a Jane in this office–

Caller: Susan! I think his name’s Gary or something. *mumbles incoherently*

Me: Okay, sir, just a moment and I’ll put you through. *A bit alarmed now, as the caller is sounding like he might have something seriously wrong with him, I put the man on hold and page Susan.* Uh, Susan, I have a caller here who said he wants to talk to you, but I’m having trouble getting his name and he isn’t making much sense.

(Turned out? The guy was drunk and wanted to speak with “Laura”, a completely different counselor.)