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(I work at a pet supply store that also has a self dog wash. We regularly get questions, like if it’s working, since we have had issues with the hot water heater. For the past month, though, the wash has been closed due to an expansion. We’ve had signs up, and very obvious construction on the dog wash, and still got customers coming in with a confused look on their face. This happened the other day on the phone, on the 9th of February)

Me: Thank you for calling (Store Name) in (city). My name is (name). How may I help you?

Customer: Hi! Yes, I was wondering if your dog wash was working.

Me: Unfortunately we have closed the wash about a month ago due to construction, but we’re really excited about the expansion, since we will be adding a third wash tub as well as a groomer. We are expecting it to open on either the 12th or the 13th.

Customer: So…I can’t bring my dog in to wash him?

Me: No, I’m sorry. The old wash has been completely taken out and turned into the grooming station. We do have another location in (city about 20 minutes drive away), but I know that’s a hike. Like I said, we are expecting all of the work to be done by the end of this week.

Customer: Yeah, no. I don’t wanna go to (city 20 minutes away). I can’t just bring him in and wash him real quick?

Me: Unfortunately not. Like I said, we don’t have any dog washes that are in service right now. Give it four or five more days and we should have our new and improved dog washes open.

Customer: Oh. Okay. (hangs up)