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(The second most common kind of calls I get are variations of this one, which come about because a lot of employers in the area give out contact information for counseling offices covered by the offered health insurance to their employees, so said employees seem to think that we’re part of their company.)

Me: Good morning/afternoon, [counseling office]. This is [my name], how may I help you?

Caller: Yeah, hi. I’m [name] and I’m having [issue] and I need [thing done that only their employer, often specifically the HR department, can handle].

Me: You’ll have to speak with your employer about that, I’m afraid. We’re just a counseling office.

(At this point, the call will often go one of two ways. This way:)

Caller: But I got your number in this packet I got from work.

Me: I understand that, but we only provide counseling. What you’re asking for is something that only your employer can handle, and we are in no way affiliated with them.

Caller: Well, who do I talk to then?

Me: I don’t know, sir/ma’am. We aren’t affiliated with your company so we don’t have that information. We’re basically just a therapy office.

Caller: Well, what am I supposed to do, then?! You’re no help!

(Or the call may go this way:)

Caller: I already called HR and they aren’t being very helpful.

Me: I’m afraid there’s nothing we can really do here; we have no affiliation with your company or their HR department. All we can do is offer you counseling.

Caller: I don’t NEED counseling. I need help with [issue].

Me: I’m really sorry, but we can’t help you with that. That sounds like something your HR department would have to handle.

Caller: Well, they won’t help me! *rants for several minutes* And I just don’t know what to do. What do I do?

Me: I really wouldn’t know, sir/ma’am. That’s outside the scope of anything we do here.

(And this is the point they either hang up in anger, cuss me out, or keep me on the line for several more minutes ranting about how useless their HR department is.)

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