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(I am working guard duty at a military installation when a soldier turns up without his ID. I cannot allow him on base without seeing his ID, and I explain this to him. During the time that this is happening we have a major base exercise happening so a lot of people are running around carrying weapons.)

Him: I literally just need to get to my office to print out a document.

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t let you on base without ID.

Him (suddenly angry): Do you know who I am?

Me: No, that’s the point. You have no ID with you.

(He gets out his car, slams the door and marches towards me. All of a sudden around 50 soldiers appear, all drawing weapons)

Soldier #1: You heard the lady.

(He goes very pale, and actually drove away from the gate so fast he got arrested by the civilian police for speeding and sent back to us)

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